Companies exclusively listed on Regional Stock Exchanges

Secondary Listing refers to the Listing of companies which are already listed on other Exchanges. The companies which fulfill the criteria laid down by the Exchange from time to time are eligible to be listed on the Exchange.


Application for Listing

  • Self-assessment of eligibility criteria by the company
  • Documents to be submitted as per Secondary Listing Checklist
  • Listing Application and signing of Listing Agreement

Approval for Listing of Securities

  • Verification of Eligibility Criteria
  • Verification of documents
  • Due Diligence
  • Exchange to grant listing approval
  • The applicant Company whose securities that are proposed for secondary listing should have been exclusively listed companies of Regional/De-recognized/Nonoperational/Exited Stock Exchanges and must be present on dissemination board as on date of application.
  • The applicant Company shall have minimum issued and paid-up equity capital of Rs. 3 crore. However in case of NBFC company the minimum issued and paid-up equity capital of Rs. 5 crore is required.
  • The net worth (audited) of the Applicant Company as on date of application shall be at least Rs. 3 crore. However in case of NBFC company the net worth of Rs. 5 crore is required.
  • The applicant Company shall inter-alia comply with the following:
    • Companies Act, 1956/2013
    • Securities Exchange Board of India Act, 1992
    • Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act, 1956
    • Securities Contracts (Regulations) Rules, 1957
    • Securities and Exchange Board Of India (Issue Of Capital And Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009
    • Any other guidelines, circulars, regulations issued by any regulatory authority from time to time.
  • The applicant Company shall have distributable profits in at least one out of the immediately preceding three financial years (profit shall be computed as per Section 123 of Companies Act 2013).

Disclaimer:Over and Above the criteria, the Exchange may use its discretion for Listing of Securities of the Issuer(s). Further, the Exchange strictly reserves its rights for grant of approvals.